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Jesus Heist

by W.E.B.

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  • W.E.B. "Jesus Heist" CD - 2008 A.D.
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    W.E.B. "Jesus Heist" CD - 2008 A.D.

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Blessed Blood Sunset, The advocates of darkness now behold The source of darkened mysteries untold The passport to sins' limbo The trigger of instinct's libido Drawn me in bright red tears Exile the ghosts of my fears Beg me to swallow my pure blessed blood Dig in my scars and look deep The demons that scream in my sleep Kneel and suck my divine blessed blood Moonrise, The softness a ray licks my cheek And turns me into a demonic mind freak Your body a non-will sculpture Self trained to offer me its splendor Touch me, touch me Be the river to reborn my fever Call me, cry at me Bring me the life and accept these drops of blood
Blossoms Cry By the time of our last graven kiss Even the roses will mourn Blood red tears will run down their blossoms To wet the soil that will cover my soul Crave me, lay me So i can wash my sight on thee Kiss me, pray for me So i can embrace your life through me You will be the last to know the truth You will be the last To experience the real I am the truth Always so pale yet burned by the source of all life Always so joyful yet drowned by the fake love of the dead The dead – they whisper my name The dead – they call me away All i ever wanted was here and gone All i ever dreamed is not mine anymore Immortality is loneliness Death is a release By life's cold moist cell
Theme:As:Resurrection:Hades Behold the child of doom stands before you Keep him in your arms Haunt with him your soul Pain is sweet like cold soft rain Lust is creeping through my veins "kneel” i say to my slaves Pray and hope you will be saved Pain – sometimes we feel alone Hate – sometimes our heart is stone Sloth – we are the tongue of christ Cruel fate Pale – we are a race undead Greed – the angels dressed in red Shred – sometimes regret is dead The race that bleed Behold a prince of sins kneels before you Forgive him Molest him Enslave his cyan matter
Enthorned Enthorn the Shepherd Enthrone the Serpent I’m far away from her I miss her Here no friend, no love Here only death and war Forcing oblivion to destroy the passion The lust of a goddess Pchycocatharsis Bathing tombstones In scorpion’s poison I whisper thee prayers From this garden of mourns Forcing oblivion to destroy the passion The lust of a goddess Pchycocatharsis Enthorn the Shepherd Enthrone the Serpent Forcing oblivion to destroy the passion The lust of a goddess Pchycocatharsis Shadows Bleeding Shadows Weeping Shadows Dancing Shadows Creeping Enthorn the Shepherd Enthrone the Serpent Enthrone the Serpent
Destructive Intelligence You will always wonder why you stand empty Before a white picture replacing the pureness inside Thoughts thoughts thoughts Wake up memories Thoughts thoughts thoughts Rape your mind From a life surrounded by darkness I will scare you with my smile I will freeze you with my laugh God says-i hide nothing Immortal intelligence destructive
Jesus Heist 05:26
Jesus Heist Oh Jesus, Why did God throw you here? Oh Jesus, Why did you speak to me? Oh Jesus, It’s me again your blessed child I cry out, The cause your doctrines gave us hell Take away our sadness The remaining treasure of this world All the plagues and madness And the death your priests gave to us all Cherouvem singing psalms to thee For the misery Through all history Blaming Jesus Heist Do you hear us Christ? We still wait Judgment Day Hey Jesus, You hear me now, so I know I beg you, Just give us light and fill us hope
Human Instinct Im the seeker of your soul Im the ripper of your nothingness You cannot espace my wrath You wont live to see the dawn The serial killer of your dreams My maniac mind seeks for vengeance Im undead and invisible You will die before i'm gone Sticking knifes in your head Poisoned needles in your heart This wont have a happy end You will all be sent to hell Im an angel sent to kill Im a beast that's wounded deep You are now all my victims You will taste fear pain and screaming
Sepsis 05:41
Sepsis A beauty dawned before my eyes A pervert remorse – no despise Malicious as a Cosmic Joke And vicious as a whore off coke Hanger for sex Red crucifix Rising climax Count 666 Get Me Corrupted – SipSiS My libido is now awake You’re the next God will forsake That’s no lie this is not fake You’re to drown in blood Sperm Lake Life is burning Begging yearning Throats bleed screaming Flesh is tearing Get Me Corrupted – SipSiS My eyes are setting like the sun Into a black sea of weeps Drowning demonic fairies down And my heart will meet its eclipse For I’ll never see her eyes Which shined above the stars To lighten the helpless For I’ll never feel her arms Which could embrace a fallen leaf And turn it into a morning rose So fresh So wet So cold So pale Like the dead
Incompletence In Absence Look in the mirror Come pay a visit to me once more Look in the mirror Tell me what you see beneath the shore I see the one i've never dreamt I see the one i've always felt You are the one i will forgive Because Without you i'm incomplete This struggle you must not repeat Without me you're incomplete Your will, shall meet with defeat In my absence order retreat I'm the one you draw under your bed The one you talk when all is fled The one who's laughing when you bleed And take over all there is from thee No! You see? you can't hide from me No! I shall be forever here Because Without you i'm incomplete This struggle you must not repeat Without me you're incomplete Your will, shall meet with defeat In my absence order retreat It's me The other you Watch me rise In front of you I walk with jesus on my shoulder The eye of ra is watching over I've got the devil on my side And in my arms the gifts of the night Without you i'm incomplete No! no! no! no... go away...
Cellembraceaeon I dive into the lake of forgiveness A new baptism to escape bitterness Inside a prison made of gold With bars never so cold I pray to moonlight to swallow my life I walk the tunnel with the dead lights I plant the flowers on my tomb’s soil And let them drown in graveyard oil I see the angels pray on one side I see the demons shout their cries This isn’t heaven nor it is hell I remember a time When the candles cried all night I still hear the chime The march of the stars was never so bright My last tear lays dying My blood runs licking my throne Invisible ones come forth Cover your veils with light I summon you to gather I gather you to celebrate To celebrate my death A mortal death of flesh A mortal death of mind The immortal birth of my lonely soul Built me a grave of glass So I can still see her Even from the other side Even from the tomb Sworn to love her forevermore ‘till death do us unite again She will still see me in this grave No rotting flesh can I own For I am a damned one body and soul Together we shall rise above Hornicated bloodlusting oblivion Wash my stone with wine Feed my snakes with lust Smoke my ashes with respect Blow the air with remembrance I miss the sound of your touch As it whispers poems on my flesh I miss the wind of your kiss The air my heart’s fire breathes All I can do is crave For I’m in a glass made grave All I can do is crave For I’m in a glass made grave “Within this tomb imprisoned pain Conducts your funeral through rain Among us stands no guilt or shame This death shall never be in vain And as your coffin sets the earth The Heavens give another birth A bloodrain washing cruel our sins The march of the undead begins” Hide my tears in the attic Enclose my screams in glass Keep my finest of blood in yin Treasure my heart in your minds I shall live through you all Watching over this black dressed world You just look up to the sky And watch the moon My silver eye…


released May 15, 2008


all rights reserved



W.E.B. Athens, Greece

Metal band from Athens , GR


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